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Good Morning, Music Families!!


Let me first say that I'm THANKFUL to work with our kids and for the opportunities we have to make music each day. I've come to learn that polishing our musical craft requires extreme patience and persistence, especially during these times. Great results require hard work and grit, and are not instantaneous. Best of all, these learned skills through improving musicianship transfer to ALL aspects of life. Your kids continue to grow every single day and I get to witness it. For that, I am thankful.


E-Learning Day:

To reiterate what students have been prepped for throughout the week, students are to submit their E-Learning assignment by the end of the day today (Monday). This is a grade and will count as attendance as well. Students also were given the opportunity to complete this assignment early beginning on Friday. Orchestra & Chorus assignments are to be found and submitted through SmartMusic. The Band assignment is to be found and submitted through Canvas. Students are encouraged to contact me throughout the day if they need assistance.



Unfortunately, there is still SO much up in the air as far as events are concerned as we continue to move week-by-week through this pandemic. Being an A-type planner, this has been a difficult adjustment for me. For now, please earmark the evening of December, 17th for a Holiday music event. 



Our kids have been doing a pretty darn good job social distancing and maintaining guidelines during rehearsals. It's imperative that we remain diligent for the safety of others. Instrumentalists (especially wind players), spend some time over break cleaning your instruments. Regular cleaning maintenance is necessary anyway, but especially now. Check out this link to learn how.


Past Projects:

In case you missed them, here are a few of our recent projects for your viewing/listening pleasure:


I wish everyone safety and health during your Thanksgiving holiday!